Make the US worker competitive

Feb 24, 2023

Unleash American energy

Expand the labor force: Part 1

Expand the labor fore: Part 2

Create a cabinet-level department to supervise AI

Cut environmental permitting time by 5x (future article) - In 2016, the average time to get an environmental permit in the US was five years. This means that the average amount of time needed to get permission to build a project is now longer than the total time it took— from start to finish—to build the Hoover Dam or the Golden Gate Bridge. In 2022, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) proposed permitting reform that would have streamlined both oil and gas and renewables project permitting. Progressives killed the legislation. This process needs reform.

Reform higher education (future article) - As discussed in American Aristocracy, the cost of college and student debt must be reduced. The federal government, through its research funding and subsidization of student loans, has tremendous influence to help solve the problem. A start would be to expand inexpensive online classes and trim ridiculous campus landscaping costs.

Re-regulate the airlines