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“Ad Astra Per Aspera” is Latin for “to the stars, through difficulty”. It is the state motto of Kansas (my home state) and is very inspirational to me personally.

Ad Astra is about envisioning a positive future for a regionalized America, one where we reindustrialize, live longer lives, and refocus on our local communities.

In the present, America has lost its mojo and we need a 21st century New Deal, the expansive 1930s social and economic program, to get it back. Ad Astra will explore the issues facing contemporary America and propose a New Deal 2.0. A citizen’s blog devoted to proposing solutions to America’s social, economic, and political crises, Ad Astra seeks to earn your trust through a centrist perspective and rigorous sourcing. A subscription is free for anyone.

Ad Astra also publishes an inspirational #MotivationMonday weekly and publishes the Ad Astra citizen journal, a 1-2min summary of the day’s top news, six days a week by 630a EST.

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Navigating a complex world and restoring the American Dream


Greg grew up in Kansas. He attended the University of Kansas and earned degrees in Chemical Engineering and Economics. He also attended Harvard Business School.