Ad Astra Principles

Where we stand

·      Ad Astra is pro-worker and pro-business; where pro-worker and pro-business positions conflict, we’ll make thoughtful tradeoffs

·      Pro-market but against unfettered capitalism

·      The federal government needs a national industrial policy and we should promote strategic sectors

·      Of foremost concern should be reshoring and hardening manufacturing supply chains

·      We should maximize American competitiveness by being the most innovative, productive, and attractive country on earth

·      Work is critical to an individual’s self-actualization

·      We should protect the environment but transparently weigh the costs and benefits of doing so, always maximizing human development

·      Our health outcomes should matter more than our economic growth

·      The rise of surveillance capitalism and hyper-scale technology firms represents a development at least as significant as the monopoly trusts of the Gilded Age; society must facilitate their innovation while protecting consumers and the right to self-determination

·      Our foreign policy should be realistic, restrained, and make us resilient but not isolationist

·      We should decouple from China, have robust allies around the world, and make economic strength the chief goal of our global alliance network

·      We need two political parties in our democracy and we’re stronger with the ideas from each