Greg, the analogies that you used in this article to bring esoteric topics to levels of mass understanding were superb! You have a gift for explaining enigmatic subjects with clarity and comprehension.

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Aug 19, 2022·edited Aug 19, 2022

Well done, Greg! Very informative and great food for thought.

With the current tightening monetary policy but loose fiscal policy, where do you think the economy is headed next?

Who is to blame for (and to fix) the student loan crisis? Universities that have increased the cost of higher education? Students who requested debt that will end up being a poor investment? Lenders for offering the debt to those who will have a hard time repaying? Government for lack of regulation?

How do you think global supply chains will recover going forward? Will China remain a pillar of global supply chains? If there is re-structuring of supply chains, what will that look like? Will manufacturing jobs come back to the US?

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